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Here are the photos I didn’t take at the Jazz Club tonight. And here’s the video I didn’t film there. And the selfies with the band in the background I did without. And this is the Facebook update I wrote after I watched the brilliant performances. Because I realised tonight that this thing is called a post – something you can do after the event, not during. So I didn’t miss a thing. Just enjoyed watching the musicians, including the virtuoso saxophonist’s 11yr protege daughter, play joyously without feeling the need to record it all.


Have you counted up the number of emoticons you use each day? I avoided them for so long thinking they were just for kids. But now I realise that I’m forced to add them in many if not all emails, texts and status updates.

The thing is, just like here, there’s no tone of voice. We can’t ‘hear’ each other without speech, obviously. And we can’t see the facial expressions that accompany the words. All the subtle audio nuances and visual clues are lost. So we have to include pictures now to soften or strengthen what our fingers type.


In less than a week, I start as Executive Creative Director at Lowe, the biggest agency in Vietnam. After a month of discussions on Skype with the senior stars and face to face with the tremendous Michel Borelli, MD there, I finally signed on the dotted line last Thursday evening.

Click here to see their current website.


At a recent Careers Evening in my daughter’s school, I was asked by four sets of parents during the few hours whether or not their little darling should go to University. It really made me think about what advice to give – the pros and cons of routes into Advertising.

Ever heard of a place called Longyearbyen? No? Well it’s one to learn for Pub Quizzes. It happens to be the world’s northernmost town. As such, it gets the least daylight of anywhere on Earth that people call home. In fact, the townsfolk live for 4 months of every year without sunlight. So what better place to demonstrate the benefits of the Philips Wake-up Light?


Watch this when you’ve got 7 minutes and 11 seconds spare. It’s a mesmerising film about a blogger who has 70,000 readers a day. This is part of Amsterdam Worldwide’s latest campaign for Intel’s Visual Life. Almost 600,000 views in just a few weeks, it’s far more engaging and informative than most 30 second spots, press ads or poster campaigns. This new style of content-based advertising will feature


What makes great creative for multi-channel campaigns?

I wrote this for this month’s mediaPro magazine. They asked for a page or two. I gave them three… So much to say and I had to cut loads out too. Anyway, if you have a spare 20 minutes, I think it’s worth the read. Some great examples in here too.

Here goes.



Ever had to design those little buttons that make software look unique? Well I’ve done one-offs before but never a full set. A designer friend artworked up my sketches beautifully.


One very happy client. (This isn’t what he looks like!)


After the unprecedented success of last year’s inspired Best Job in the World for the Queensland Tourist Board, advertising you take part in featured heavily in this year’s award-winning campaigns at Cannes Lions Direct.
The Grand Prix winner was a great use of Iggy Pop – unlike those stomach-churning nonsense ads for Swiftcover. Audition to play with Iggy on a brand new performance of ‘Passengers’. Love it.
Check out all the winners here and spot how many actually involve the audience to build the campaign.
Bring it on I say.


I’m three weeks in and loving getting these little boxes every day. Filled with loads of scrummy snacks, it’s a pleasure each day opening up to see what they’ve sent me. 9 times out of 10, I really like all the contents. I really recommend Graze – great tasting food delivered daily to my desk. £2.95 per box, £1.50 starter pack. Each little pressie means I don’t snack on crap. A very good thing after all these years!

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Featured Projects

On 09, Oct 2017 | No Comments | In | By Chris

BMW Bruce Lee – 120m+ views

I wrote and art directed this film for BMW’s most powerful production car ever. 120million+ views in just 2 weeks on WeChat and Weibo. 99% positive comments. All cars sold out with a price tag of around $750,000 each.

On 21, Sep 2017 | No Comments | In | By Chris

Visa Facebook Live Takeover

The first Facebook Live takeover. Completely unexpected, it hit online Vietnamese shoppers at exactly the right time to get Visa’s message across. In ‘purchase mode’, cash in hand, it reminded them of the benefits of paying with their Visa Debit Card.

On 09, Jun 2017 | No Comments | In | By Chris

BMW 1 Series Laser Music Rapper

Not quite the original idea of driving through the desert breaking the 88 lights of the world’s largest laser harp. But still pretty cool. Well, pretty cold – down to minus 14 while filming. Our Rapper had to drive through the lasers to create a looped track so he could rap to it. Showing off the car’s capabilities along the way of course.

On 09, Jun 2017 | No Comments | In | By Chris

Visa ế

Excerpts from our three stage stage campaign for Visa. Launched on 27 March 2017, over a three week period, we had over 12m views, 13,000 shares and 99% positive comments. It appeared on Facebook, YouTube, cinemas, supermarkets and elevators. Still on-going, it has given Visa a solid platform for their cash conversion campaign – progress is cashless.

On 14, Mar 2017 | No Comments | In | By Chris

Gaming in the real world

How to show off a new car in a new way. Not just driving shots but doing shots. Here we took 5 of the highest profile professional gamers in China who play one of the biggest games in the world: The Glory of Kings. Similar to League of Legends, characters battle each other online. Now in the real world. The idea was to have the five gamers working as a team fighting together against the game characters in the normal streets of a city via AR. Flexi screens would be attached to all the car windows and linked to PCs. In the end, it had to be CG but the result is still pretty cool. The new BMW 1 Series is an entry-level car for young Chinese guys, yet probably the biggest act of self-expression at that point in their lives. So the creative was based around expressing yourself – through fashion, music, gaming, online and sport. You can see the full website with all five films on here:

I wrote Music and Gaming. Millions of views ain’t bad : 

On 13, Jul 2016 | No Comments | In | By Chris

BMW X1 Fireworks

Filmed over two evenings from dusk til dawn, this short film was for a BMW launch event in China.


On 24, Jan 2015 | No Comments | In | By Chris

Coke – The real gift of TET

With over 7.5m views on YouTube and Zing, this charming story, emotionally told, it asks Vietnamese to question whether TET (New Year) is about spending money on family or spending time with family.

From a real insight of a woman who was choosing not to go home for the holiday to her family because it was just too expensive, I wrote the original script for this with Hien Ngo at Phibious. Thanks to Tsering at Yeti films for helping to write and film this so beautifully. And the biggest thanks of all to Aneek Ahmed, our client at Coke, for running with this after a short corridor conversation sparked the idea.

Picked up Gold at the Mumbrella awards.

On 29, Jan 2012 | No Comments | In | By Chris

Coke Emoticans film

3.25m views and the 3rd most shared video globally (behind Like a Girl v2), pretty proud of this cute film for Coke’s new Emoticans. has all the hits –

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